6904. qebol
[קְבֹל] noun [masculine]

1 >something in front specifically an attacking-engine (compare front; , advance to attack, so הקביל Ecclus 12:5), Ezekiel 26:9 מְחִי קָֽבֳלּוֺ the stroke of his attacking-engine (on the form ‡obolló, from קְבֹל for ‡ªbªl, see Ol§ 169ii. 68 f.; and compare קָֽטֳנִּי from קְטֹן for ‡ª‰ªn, קָֽטָבְךָ, קָֽרֶבְכֶם; and on the בֳָ, Ges§ 93q).

2 construct קָֽבָלעָֿם (‡obol) 2 Kings 15:10, explained formerly as before the people, i.e. publicly (compare Biblical Aramaicaic קֳבֵל before); but the Aramaic is surprising and הָעָם needed: read כְּיִבְלְעָם in Ibleam, with ᵐ5 of L (confirming earlier conjectures of GrG ii. 1. 99 StaGi. 575), Dr Klo Benz Kit and others

Forms and Transliterations
קָֽבָלְ־ קָֽבָלּ֔וֹ קבלו קבלעם kavalAm kavalLo qā·ḇā·lə·‘ām qā·ḇāl·lōw qāḇālə‘ām qāḇāllōw
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